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Frozen Fried Rice (2 Flavor)

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Product Description:

We have 2flavor of Fried Rice can choice. Those are Shrimp or Asari  Fried Rice.

Packaging of Frozen Fried Rice :

Shrimp Fried Rice –150g/pkt x 2pkt    ;    Asari Fried Rice –400g/pkt

Ingredient of Frozen Fried Rice as per below:

-Shrimp Fried Rice: Rice, Vegetable(Onion, green peas, corn, carrot), shrimp, vegetable oils, salt, seasonings, sugar, margarine, spicies.

-Asari Fried Rice: Rice, asari, bamboo shoots, green beans, fried tofu, vegetable oils, soy sauce, sugar, salt, seasonings.

Product from Japan.

Quick and easy meal. Just need 2-4minutes in the microwave or 3-6 minutes in the air fryer.

  • Asari Fried Rice
  • Shrimp Fried Rice x2

Earn up to 50 Points.