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by Huan Trading Pte Ltd

The Start-Up

Huan Trading Pte Ltd was set up in 1998 by Mdm Chen Xian Jun, Jen and her husband Mr Lee Cye Wan. The company name ‘Huan’ in chinese means revolve / around. This means that Huan Trading Pte Ltd supplies and imports quality products all around the world.

Starting from a humble small company selling only Eel (Unagi) as it was a niche market in Singapore during the 1998s. Most Japanese restaurants at the time were receiving their supplies of Eel directly from Japan or from local suppliers who were also importing them from Japan, hence the high cost. Mdm Chen then realised that most of the eel from Japan were imported from China!

Taking the golden opportunity, the couple visited China, in hopes to find the best quality eel at the best price possible to supply to local Japanese restaurants in Singapore. As the high quality eel and it’s reasonable price exceeded the expectation of the restaurants, business started to blossom.

Slowly, Huan Trading Pte Ltd started to import more Japanese related food items such as Fresh/Frozen salmon, Tuna, Yellow Tail, Ikura and exotic Japanese fresh and frozen products. Now Huan Trading Pte Ltd have more than thousand of high quality products, supplying from high end restaurants to our local hawkers and canteens

Our Company

Huan Trading Pte Ltd is a 4 storey building located at 9 Kim Chuan Terrace at Tai Seng. Huan Trading is a one stop provider for food and beverage companies and restaurants, which specialise in frozen seafood, poultry, condiments and Japanese ready to eat desserts.

The Start of Sakuru Japanese Mart

‘Sakuru’ is the Japanese translation of ‘Huan’ which also means to supply our local household all year round. During the start of 2020, as many businesses were affected due to the covid-19 pandemic, Mdm Chen and her husband shifted their target focus and started selling their products on Shoppe and Qoo10, which were Singapore’s online shopping platform.

Introducing their Eel, salmon, Japanese cakes and dessert to local households via the website, many customers were pleased with the quality and delivery of the company. Slowing, the company was securing a large customer base on ecommerce and now has a loyal customer base.

Our Values

The company believes in a down-to-earth and positive approach towards all their customers. Huan Trading places a serious emphasis on the quality of their products, ensuring that all of their products are of top notch quality. We made sure that all of our staff are professional and knowledgeable of our products to better assist our customers.

Our Mission

To provide top notch quality products at the most reasonable and attractive price at the convenience of our customers all around.